The LT20 is a 20-metric ton capacity straddle carrier ideally suited for refinery applications where efficiently moving heat exchangers through congested areas is especially important. Its full power hydraulic braking system with retarder provides smooth and precise stopping power. Our automatic lift cylinder synchronization system automatically levels the load while lifting and transporting without any need to precisely center the load.

Four heavy duty lift cylinders handle capacity loads of 20-metric tons (44,00 pounds) with ease. Heavy-duty lift system features hardened load roller bearings and special rolled profile shoe guides. Standard lifting height is 27″, custom lifting height is available.


Advanced Features:

  • Cab forward design for improved visibility
  • Standard dual camera system
  • LED machine & cabin lighting
  • Thermostatically controlled cab HVAC system
  • Night vision cab lighting
  • Color touchscreen monitor
  • Remote diagnostic capability
  • Heated west coast mirrors
  • Cabin air filtration
  • Suspension seat with control pods

Lower Your Operating Costs

The LT20 straddle carrier’s efficient design allows operators to move through your facility with ease, improving productivity, and reducing downtime.

Safety Features

The LT20’s cab forward design, standard dual camera system, and night vision cab lighting improve visibility through tight spaces, allowing operators to safely transport heavy loads.

Custom Manufacturing

Our experienced manufacturing team has the expertise to engineer custom straddle carriers to meet your unique frame height and frame width requirements.

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